Why I started my own Boutique!

Hello, is this thing on??

Hi, and welcome to Kasey Leigh Boutique!  I bet you are wondering why I chose to open my own boutique and why I left Agnes & Dora especially considering how well I was doing there.  For those who are close to me, as you know before starting selling clothing online and at in-home parties I was never into fashion and my wardrobe was very simple and basic.  Work attire consisted of black pants and mostly dark colored tops and a dress or two, leisure attire was shorts and a tee or sweats!  I found myself putting everything and everyone else before me and my happiness, but when I found A&D it helped me realize that everyone can wear beautiful clothes, everyone deserves to be fashionable, and above all else I deserved to prioritize myself and my happiness.

Along the journey I have made countless new friends, acquaintances, and what I consider an extended family. I wouldn’t trade my time the past year for anything, I was able to build my confidence, become more comfortable in my own skin, and appreciate my time with my family even more.  That is where this new journey comes into the picture……


Starting my own Boutique

I made the decision to start my own boutique for many reason, but the most important ones are that I wanted to be 100% behind every decision from choosing the clothing to when I can give discounts and sales, etc.  I become weary of someone else dictating how I would run my business, in addition to not feeling the direction that the decision makers were taking.  The other big reason for this change is that I can now dictate my time in a way that will allow me more time with my son.  I love being a boss babe and running a boutique, but I also want to make sure I am not neglecting my family.  This decision comes with being able to shop for new inventory ANY TIME I want to, I don’t have to sit at a computer at a certain time on a certain day and click as fast as possible and hope I get the items I want.  I can now put my son to bed and spend my evening shopping for items for my boutique.  Additionally, I am not in a race with other people selling the exact items I am to launch.  I can take time to take photos, post styling pics, utilize Instagram and Pinterest more efficiently because I am on my own time line.

I know some of you are wondering but what about your weekly live sales because you love shopping that way, I will still go live weekly to show the new inventory and talk about sizing and fit before items launch on the site but any live sales will happen after the site launch and more like every other week or once a month.  As much as I love live sales, they typically take a ton of work after the sale for tracking down emails, invoicing, etc with my website I will no longer need to invoice and you can pay the way you want (CC, Paypal, or Amazon Pay)!  I hope you understand this decision and still stick with me for when I do jump on for a live sale because they will still be fun!

So I thank you for supporting me, please continue to spread the word about my boutique, invite your friends, share my link, etc!  And remember, you are the heart of my business!

Peace & Love

Kasey Rivas