I went to LA & it was INCONCEIVABLE

Written by Kasey Rivas


Posted on October 16 2019

Some of you already know - I ventured to LA's famous Fashion District this week!  It was a huge learning experience, where I got to meet other boutique owners ranging from newbies to million dollar a year sellers!  I met some amazing people from all walks of life!


Before leaving I was a bit of a wreck...... I had agreed to room with someone I had never met (I am super shy and nervous around new people and incredibly awkward!), I was going into the "Lion's Den" of Fashion, a place where luxury brands and cheap knockoffs collide.  I had done a small bit of research and I had lived in LA for 2 years so I was comfortable with navigating my surroundings for the most part, but once I got to the center of it all it was like MAD CHAOS and street after street winding around with vendor showrooms surrounded in the outskirts by small shops filled with everything from socks and children's toys to luggage and knockoff handbags! 


Once I got my bearings, it was fantastic!  I shopped through what had to be hundreds of thousands of different earrings, bracelets, and accessories in one shop! I found some amazing things with several vendors that are sure to please you all!  There are so many fabulous new things coming, so much cozy soft goodness and stocking stuffers/giftables for your friends and family!


I also ate some yummy food including a fat steak and In-N-Out double double!  The topper to my weekend was meeting Wallace Shawn, one of my absolute favorite actors in one of my favorite all time movies "Princess Bride"!  I even walked down the aisle at my wedding to the Princess Bride song!  It was a truly INCONCEIVABLE moment for me!