Headbands of Hope, Sweater Weather & Holidays

Written by Kasey Rivas


Posted on September 22 2018

Headbands of Hope, Sweater Weather & Holidays

I am kicking off this post with my new logo.  I know, I know.... a new logo and I just started my independent boutique in April, but it had to be done.  I absolutely loved my logo, but it didn't pop or stand out.  I needed something that you could easily see my boutique name and recognize.  The tree still represents my growth and maturity since starting this amazing journey.  The bird is me, this boutique has given me wings to fly and be who I want to be.

See, my family comes from deep roots of being one's own boss.  My great-grandpa built houses, he has an entire road named after him from when the Swedes moved to Washington and settled, he built many of the homes they lived in.  My grandparents on my other side of the family started their own restaurant that is still running.  Many of my cousins have started small on the side businesses taking photos, making knitted and crocheted items, metal and woodworking.  It is deep inside me to want to be the master of my own success.  That bird represents, my ability to fly, and desire to be on my own.

I still work full-time in addition to this boutique, but it is my dream that one day I will not have to.....

On to more important things - What's new this Fall!!?

I have partnered with Headbands of Hope!  I love giving back and when I was searching for items I could bring into my boutique that also gives back to charity I found HOH and it was exactly what I wanted!  For every headband/item that is sold, an item is donated to a child with cancer.  I love everything HOH carries - there are so many different types of headbands!  Everything from the casual tube turban AKA buff that can be worn 6 different ways (see below) to glitz and glamour that can be added to your event hairdo!  They make fun stocking stuffers for girls & women alike, and are a fun addition to your everyday outfit.  Join me in giving back this Holiday Season and purchase a headband or purchase a bunch!

Other exciting things to keep your eyes peeled for.....

Tons of new sweaters, cardigans, hoodies, layering shirts, jeans, and more are arriving all the time!  Keep checking because we have something in store for everyone!  I even have some amazing promos and holiday items coming to the shop!  Think of my boutique as your landing place for gift ideas!  And if you want someone in your life to gift you with Kasey Leigh Boutique, make a wishlist, or giftcards are always available!

Also coming soon..... Text alerts!