2021 Time to Look Ahead

Written by Kasey Rivas


Posted on January 02 2021

As for so many, 2020 was a challenging year.... I am not even sure challenging comes close to really describing what we all went through not just in our own country but globally.  Added on to the global pandemic and it's continued affect on daily life, we experienced probably the most tumultuous election year and aftermath.  The stress of the nation has been at a breaking point since early March and we all have experienced it in different ways.

For me and my family, my work didn't change much in that I work from home fulltime in addition to running this amazing boutique.  For my husband however he experienced a roller coaster in his career - working for the SD convention center as a supervisor during a pandemic meant no events to manage and supervise, but managing the intake and housing of San Diego's homeless population as a way to contain spread and at the same time connect people to resources.  By October, however, we found out they had to drastically downsize staff and my husband was laid off.  It has been hard to manage with out that income we were so used to having, but we worked hard to increase sales through the boutique, bringing in new amazing customers and increasing out outreach in areas we had not done before.  We are so blessed by the incredible supporters and loyalty of our long time customers as it helped us have a nice holiday season, pay our bills and continue into the New Year with HOPE.

Now that 2021 is upon us and we are looking forward, we are publicly sharing how we will be moving forward. After reviewing our sales for the year, we determined that our largest customer base is in sizes XL-3X and that we need to focus on increasing the quantities we have in that size range and lowering our liabilities in the S-L range.  As a result we partnered with an offsite warehouse who will supply our River Run Collection.  This collection will include items in sizes S-3X in brands we have come to love including Judy Blue, Andre By Unit, White Birch, Rae Mode and more - the great thing about this partnership is that they are able to carry larger quantities and a wider selection.  Doing this will allow us to bring in more items in plus sizes and even up to 4X and hoping up to 6X soon.  We will also have a wider selection of non-clothing items like bath & body, hats, socks, hair accessories, home, and fun paper goods.  

For our loyal customers in sizes S-L we will still be bringing in our favorite brands like POL, Zenana, and some others directly to serve you, just know that there will be many items we bring in that are only in curvy sizes.  We encourage you to continue to shop and we ensure that the River Run Collection is high quality and amazing, and as we continue to grow we will explore bringing S-L selections back in house and ordering full runs.  We are excited about this new direction and hope that you are as well!  Please reach out to us (Me and Chris) with any questions or comments!


Much Love!

Kasey Leigh